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Nov 11th, 2014
One thing is very confusing. There are many CAD Software Brands that claim that  they are AutoCAD Compatible such as GstarCAD. Are they all the same? The answer is no.
This website will introduce you to GstarCAD's Fantastic AutoCAD Compatible Features.


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About GstarCAD8
New Products
  GstarCAD8 is a brand new platform, developed over 3 years to meet and satisfy users needs. GstarCAD8 adopts a new engine and a number of innovative technologies that work together to make its graphic speed 3-5 times faster, accelerating operation performance and reaching less memory usage than previous versions. Not only the speed/performance are guaranteed, but also the stability concept has changed radically through a new modular architecture software. These three links empower GstarCAD8 to boost Speed and Performance beyond complex tasks and huge drawings supported by outstanding Stability than any other CAD platform. The next slide we will talk about peed/performance.


    Most companies who offer CAD Software Products have two main Versions LT (2D) and Professional (3D).
For 2013 GstarCad announces 3)  Product Lines: 
GstarCAD8 Light    Low Cost 2D
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GstarCAD8 Standard    High End 2D
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GstarCAD8 Professional    High End 2D & 3D
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Hard to find this many Cost Effective, Feature Rich Versions from one Company
with Free Email Support.
GstarCAD8 Features Overview
GstarCAD8 Comparison Chart Overview
Features GstarCAD8




Choose between Ribbonized User Interface and Classic User Interface
DWG/DXF Support for AutoCAD version 2.5-2013
Support for AutoCAD Command Line

Export & Import to ACIS

Full ACIS Modeling & editing
3D Operations and Editing
      Here is the Complete Comparison Chart
  Some Examples of GstarCAD Features




Why choose GstarCad8

1. Fast and Robust Solution…
GstarCAD shorten workflow, increasing productivity, allowing you get right into your design with full-flexible 2D/3D functions
backed by outstanding performance, stability and compatibility, that’s why is a fast and robust solution in the CAD industry.
2. Easy to start…
GstarCAD gains more and more CAD users because is easy to start and master without learning effort.
Design what you imagine knowing that GstarCAD works like you think, faster and ease.
3. Broadest tools set and functionalities…
GstarCAD delivers broadest set of flexible and accurate tools with deepest functionalities on the market.
At the end of the day, you want tools with the power to easily handle set your imagination free.
4. Fully *.dwg compatible…
GstarCAD supports *.dwg/.dxf” format data of different versions (R2.5 - 2013) that not only ensures
compliance of your older data but also avoids complications of cleaning and conversion it.

   5. Open for CAD Application Development
GstarCAD brings collaborative and friendly programming environment and compatible APIs like GRX, VBA
and VLISP that help to develop hundreds of value-added solutions faster than any other competitive CAD systems.
6. Technical support…
GstarCAD users trust and know that our experienced technical support delivers at time response under any
request with the quality of service you deserve.
7. Version-up…
GstarCAD version-up means an amicable upgrade policy, users are free to upgrade a worth version according
to their needs instead of forcing to upgrade year by year.
8. Affordable decision…
GstarCAD is affordable to purchase, upgrade and maintain, besides zero cost implementation, minimum training
and quick support/service, makes easy sense to take an affordable decision.

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